God is creative in ways He speaks.

#Creativity #AGirlandHerBible

God is creative in ways He speaks.

#Creativity #AGirlandHerBible

Jesus said, "My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me."



What is Your Identity in God?

You might say that "I know my identity! I'm a child of God."


I would never say that it is wrong because it's not. You are God's precious child. He died for you so you can live a free and abundant life.

But have you ever wondered why at times even though you "know" that you are God's child you still struggle with who you are. You still feel insecurity and fear. You still sense lack of purpose and get downhearted. You still encounter clouded emotions and confusion within your soul.

These are things that even when you are always inside the church building, attending services every Sunday, and talking to a lot of Christian friends won’t cure. Because there is a difference between “knowing who you are” and “living who you are.”

As a child of God, you have a divine calling that God Himself put on you. You have a destiny, a purpose, a gift that God placed on you to fulfil during your lifetime. But there is also an enemy who “steals, kills, and destroys.” And this cunning enemy knows how to attack, where to attack, and when to attack.

When Jesus was being tempted by Satan, Jesus knew how to respond to Satan’s deception and wordplays. Jesus knew that He is God’s Son. But at the same time, He lived this truth. He had the authority and wisdom of God the Father because He regularly communed with His Father. He knew His heart. He knew exactly how the Father sees Him. Jesus knew His standing, His power, His glory, His authority because He knew the Father so well.

In our time today, how well do we know the Father? How well do we know how He sees us? If I were to ask you who you are in God’s eyes, can you honestly answer? More than the typical and general answer every Christian says, who are you in God’s eyes?

What is your identity? How does God view your life?

You know there is only one way to learn this. Ask Him. Ask the God who loves you.

And wait.

Wait for His answer.

Don’t just assume you know.

But wait for the God of Heavens to allow His Spirit to minister to your spirit.